Elder and Vulnerable Adult Mediations

Elder and Vulnerable Adult Mediations

If you have or know someone who’s unhappy, cared for by Social Services or the NHS, or is in a Care Home mediation may help.

Elder Mediations:

  1. often more suitable for elderly clients than going to court

  2. they are cheaper

  3. usually be set up within 14 days

See caremediations.co.uk for specialist vulnerable adult mediations

Social Services and the NHS

They have responsibilities to ensure care is provided, and if necessary make arrangements for care provision. Mostly this works very well, however just occasionally problems arise.

Taking Social Services to court does work, although it may be expensive and time consuming. Mediating with them, either with a days formal mediation or through a mini mediation is often much more productive.

Relationships and the provision of care can be strengthen, with better understanding being given by service providers.

What is most important, the vulnerable adult gets the care they need.

Care Homes

When our loved one goes into long term care, we always want the very best for them. Mostly this happens, unfortunately difficulties may arise. Sorting these out through mediation helps everyone to understand what care is needed and helps to promote a more caring relationship.

Mini Mediations

In many of the above situations a mini mediation is very useful. These are usually either a half day or spread over serval hours, with the Mediator negotiating a satisfactory result for all parties.

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