These courses provide Carers with practical information and knowledge. Each course is designed to meet specific needs, so no one course is exactly the same. All courses are interactive, and include case studies and exercises.

Courses for Carers usually run between 1 to 2 hours.

Carers Courses

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Managing Elderly Clients

Dementia Care Management

Managing Moods and Behaviour

Moving into Long Term Care

Using the Mental Capacity Act

Assessing Capacity

How and why of Decision Making

Using a Lasting Powers of Attorney

Adult Protection

End of Life decisions

Deprivation of Liberty

Challenging Deprivation of Liberty

Community Care Law Update

Risks and Negligence in Community Care

Community Care Assessments

Court of Protection cases

Challenging social services

NHS & Social Service Responsibilities

Advocacy Introduction

Advocacy Skills

Training is given by Craig Ward, Solicitor and Author of Lasting Powers of Attorney: A Practical Guide (2nd Ed) 2011 The Law Society

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