“Mediation is a negotiation process where parties, assisted by a mediator arrive at a solution to which they all agree”

Mediations can be arranged quickly and cost less than going to court.

Civil and Probate Mediations start at £975 for the days Mediation.

Care and Vulnerable Adult Mediations £975 for the day.

By the nature of Care and Vulnerable Adult Mediations, these can usually be set up within about 14 days.

Work Place Mediations are charged at an hourly rate of £95.00.

Call 07943 160955 for further details.

Costs do not include room hire, refreshments, travel,  accommodation expenses, costs or disbursements.

Mediations can take place anywhere in the country.

Craig Ward

General Civil Mediation

Contentious Probate

Care and Vulnerable Adult Mediations

Work Place Mediations

Call us 07943 160955

A typical mediation would last about 4 to 6 hours. This is flexible owing to developments which may occur during the mediation.

Mediations can take place anywhere in the United Kingdom.  

Mediation may be undertaken before or after legal action is started. Often mediations occur in order to avoid potential problems or when these problems are looming.