Training is important for all of our needs. If we don’t know the answer, then someone is missing out. That could be you, your clients, your friends and colleagues, but essentially it’s you.

Lawtalks provides SRA Accredited training on a range of legal topics, to suite to your needs. All training is provided by qualified solicitors, in plain english, with helpful notes.

Law is fun, let your training be too!

“...Understanding is the building blocks of success. Without a firm foundation, constantly renewed with further training, our blocks may begin to fade and crumble...”

Professional Training Courses

Solicitors Regulation Authority Accredited - DZN/LATA

Courses are practical in nature, enabling you to use the information the next day in your working life. Most courses unless otherwise indicated are run over half a day. Two courses may be run back-to-back over a full day.

Craig Ward wrote the Law Society’s book on Lasting Powers of Attorney. If you are looking for an expert speaker, the person who wrote the textbook is a good place to start.

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These courses allow practitioners and advisers to understand how to assess mental capacity, apply the Mental Capacity Act in decision making, together with advising on challenges and Court of Protection cases. Courses can be designed for specific needs or groups.

Clients come with higher expectations and multifaceted problems. These courses aim to address these areas, together with examples of managing problems. The courses also highlight areas of risk and potential negligence.

These talks are designed for practitioners working with social care or elderly clients. They provide up to date information about caring and legal strategies, underpinned with legal knowledge.

“As a solicitor I go on lots of training, this one was different more alive and he knows his subject” Solicitor, North London

“Good solid training” Para-Legal, Midlands

“Very informative and practical” SFE Member

“Good presentation style and content” Solicitor, Wills Dept

Mediation is a flexible and confidential process of resolving issues were all parties agree as to the outcomes. The parties themselves are in control of the mediation, directing its progression and the content of discussions. They are assisted by neutral Mediator who provide a framework within which the mediation takes place.

You too can Run a Training Course

Lawtalks can provide SRA accredited training courses which you host yourself, with Craig Ward, Author and Solicitor speaking at your event. They can be run for up to 12 participants anywhere in the UK, either for an hour or a whole day.

They are cost effective, allowing you to advertise yourselves and provide SRA accredited training.

Contact Craig Ward on 07943 160955 to discuss your training needs.

Invite Craig Ward, Author and Solicitor to speak

Craig Ward speaks and trains internationally on Lasting Powers of Attorney, the Court of Protection, mental capacity, the Mental Capacity Act and Elderly Care law. His fees are what your organisation usually pays for speakers.

Craig Ward BA(Hons)(Psychology), MBPsS, CertCouns is a Solicitor, CEDR Accredited Mediator, Author and Speaker. He wrote Lasting Powers of Attorney: A Practical Guide (2nd Edition) 2011, The Law Society. He is a member of the British Psychological Society and Solicitors For the Elderly.