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Managing Elderly Clients

Probate Disputes and solutions 

Probate Mediations 

Trust considerations and advice 

Will Preparation

Negligent Will Drafting 

Making a Lasting Power of Attorney

How to Conduct Probate

Tort and Duty of Care

Probate Administration

Training is given by Craig Ward, Solicitor and Author of Lasting Powers of Attorney: A Practical Guide (2nd Ed) 2011 The Law Society

Private Client Courses

These courses bring practitioners up to date with current legislation combined with professional regulations regarding practice.

Our clients today come with higher expectations and multifaceted problems. These courses aim to address growing areas of law, together with examples of managing those problems.

One of the growing areas is mediation. This course examines how mediation may be used not always to resolve all the problems that allow litigation to move forward more succinctly and being cost-effective to the clients.

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