Managing Elderly Clients

Funeral planning problems

Wills and Trust drafting: Basics

Advising on Lasting Powers of Attorney

Charitable Gifts

Developing an older client practice

Probate Mediations 

Resolving disputes effectively

Getting to Mediation

Litigation and Mediation

A typical Mediation day

Trust considerations and advice 

Drafting Trusts

Taking Instructions


Trustee Powers

Trust Provisions

Types of Trusts

Negligence and drafting

Will Preparation 

Who is the Client

Conflicts of Interest

Testamentary Capacity

Taking Instructions, current issues 

Advising on Clauses 

When it all goes wrong: Litigation

Negligent Will Drafting 

Will Drafting

A Negligent Will

Duty of Care

Will Drafting Risks

Negligent Drafting

Testamentary Capacity

Funeral planning problems

Emergency will kit

Tax Advice

Probate Disputes

Making a Lasting Power of Attorney

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney

Legislative Background

Roles and Duties of Attorneys

Property and Financial Management

Health and Welfare Management

Challenging Decisions

Revoking Powers

How to Conduct Probate

The Initial Interview

Will Problems

Will and Codicil Construction

Probate Registry & HMRC forms

Probate Administration

Post Death Variations

Arising Probate Problems

Claims against PR’s and Professional Advisers


Tort and Duty of Care

Privacy of Contract

Duty to whom

Donoghue v Stevenson and friends

Identifying liabilities

Probate Administration

Being an Executor or personal representative

Roles and Duties

When to seek advice

Completing tax forms

Making Distribution


Private Client Courses

These courses provide practical information and knowledge about problems encountered when conducting private client matters.

Courses may be tailored to meet your specific training needs.

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