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Making a Lasting  Power of Attorney

Using the Mental Capacity Act

Assessing Capacity

How and why of Decision Making

Using a Lasting Powers of Attorney

Deprivation of Liberty

Challenging Deprivation of Liberty

Court of Protection cases

Training is given by Craig Ward, Solicitor and Author of Lasting Powers of Attorney: A Practical Guide (2nd Ed) 2011 The Law Society

Mental Capacity Courses

Understanding mental capacity is fundamental to a solicitor’s role and fulfils the Solicitors Regulation Authority indicative behaviour (IB)1.6 requiring solicitors to have, “proper regard to your client's mental capacity or other vulnerability, such as incapacity or duress;”

These courses allow practitioners and advisers to understand how to assess mental capacity, applying the Mental Capacity Act in decision making, together with advising on challenges and Court of Protection cases.

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