Using the Mental Capacity Act

Decision Making

Assessing Mental Capacity

What is Best Interests

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Being a Deputy

Deprivation of Liberty

Challenging Decisions

Working with the Court the Protection

Codes of Practice

Assessing Capacity

Assessing Mental Capacity

Interface between ‘The Principles’ and Decision Making

Identifying what are Best Interests

When Not to make a Decision

Who should Assess and Why

Assessment Check List

Fraud and Undue Influence


How and why of Decision Making

Making Tough Decisions

End of Life matters

Identifying Mental Capacity

Development Phases and Decision Making

Challenging Decisions

Mental Capacity Act: Codes of Practice

Using a Lasting Powers of Attorney

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney

Legislative Background

Roles and Duties of Attorneys

Property and Financial Management

Health and Welfare Management

Challenging Decisions

Revoking Powers

Deprivation of Liberty

What is Deprivation of Liberty

Definition of Deprivation

Deprivation Process


Reducing risk of Deprivation

Safeguards - DOLS


Unauthorised Deprivation

Challenging Deprivation of Liberty

Legislation and Case Law

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS)

Making Authorised and Urgent Applications



Managing Authority Responsibilities

Resolving Issues

Unauthorised Deprivation

Review by Managing Body

Reviews - Supervisory Body: Grounds

Court of Protection


Court of Protection cases

Making a Challenge

Issues to be Decided

How to make an Application


Practice and Procedures

Appeal process


Mental Capacity Courses

These courses are practical in nature and address many issues often faced when advising vulnerable adults.

The courses tackle making capacity assessments and what to do with capacity is both fluctuating and has been lost.

Even where a client still has mental capacity, advice should be provided ensuring the client and other decision makers are aware of their obligations and responsibilities regarding the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

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